Choir Repertoire 


Since the choir was formed we have performed over 200 individual songs from every conceivable musical genre. 

It is interesting to reflect on the influences that have guided us on this journey. In the early days the choir followed the well trodden path of the famous Welsh Choirs of that era and tunes like Calon Lan  and Cwym Rhondda were popular choices.  As things moved on, new music from composers like Rogers and Hammerstein, and Andrew Lloyd Webber, came to the fore, and the choir were quick to encompass these new opportunities.

Our choice of music has been influenced by many factors, not least of which is the assessment of our Musical Director as to which songs will showcase the choir to best effect. In recent times, Robin Cheer has taken the choir to new heights, giving us challenges that have exceeded our own most ambitious expectations.

Many arrangements have been written by Robin specifically for the choir, and some by their very nature, have never been performed by a Male Voice Choir anywhere else in the world. 

Our current repertoire includes some tunes from the "old days" such as "Seventy Six Trombones", and others with a more contemporary feel such as "Do you Hear the People Sing"  from Les Miserables.

Our new Musical Director, who will be with us for the start of next season, has indicated an interest in music from current favourites such as Adele, so we are eagerly awaiting  new challenges and new opportunities.