Our Selection of Songs from Wales. 
Calon Lan Familiar hymn translated to English by Malcolm Cowen.  Special arrangement by Robin Cheer
Cwym Rhondda One of the best known Welsh hymns of all time and a huge favourite with our audiences.
Rachie Well known hymn often sung at the start of Welsh rugby matches. The unusual name is derived from Rachael who was the daughter of the minister of the Jerusalem Chapel, Resolven, South Wales where the song was first performed in 1918.
Godre'r Coed Often referred to as "When all Thy Mercies, O My God"  features regularly on our performance roster.
Llanfair Llanfair is usually attributed to Welsh singer Robert Williams, whose manuscript from 1817, included the tune.  In spite of being blind Williams could  write out a tune after hearing it only once.