Timeless Classics
 The Rose    A classic pop song made famous by Bette Midler who recorded it in 1979 for the film of the same name.
When I Fall In Love   Little introduction needed for this song which was an originally recorded by Nat King Cole.
Conquest of Paradise   Originally recorded by Greek composer Vangelis in 1992, it was used as the theme tune to the Ridley Scott film 1492 : Conquest of Paradise.  The lyrics are very unusual in that they are written in pseudo Latin and are completely meaningless
Bridge Over Troubled Water    Is there anyone who can't sing along to this famous Simon and Garfunkle song from 1970.
Let it Be   Another Beatles song that illustrates why their music is held in such high regard
Goodnight Ladies    A fun song popular with children.
Imagine   The antithesis of a call to arms, John Lennon's "Imagine" is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring songs of all time.
What Would I Do Without My Music   A very melodic and poignant piece of music that immediately captivates the listener. Not as well known as it should be.
Songs of Picardy    A medley of 16 songs from the World War 1, put together by Robin Cheer to commemorate  100 years since that conflict.
Bring Me Sunshine    Known to everyone as the signature tune of Morecambe and Wise. 
When The Saints Go Marching In    Originally an American gospel song, made famous by Louis Armstrong.
Back To The Sixties    A medley of unforgettable tunes from "that" era.
Last Of The Summer Wine   The catchy theme tune from the TV series of the same name. Written by Ronnie Hazelhurst.
Sailing   Composed and originally recorded by the Sutherland Brothers, the song was immortalised by Rod Stewart, and is now one of the great modern anthems performed at weddings, football matches and family gatherings all over the world.
Standing On The Corner   The lyrics for this song are hardly PC in this day and age but in truth are just a bit of fun.
Softly As I Leave You.   A very popular Italian song recorded by many artists. The English version is probably best remembered as a massive hit for Matt Munro in the early sixties.
 American Trilogy    Elvis is in town.  Three songs from the American Civil War, combined in a medley, made famous by the "King". Often used as a finale to our concerts.