Latest News April 2018


This month not only brings to an end our current season (Gala Concert on 21 April) but it brings to a close a  memorable chapter in the choir's history.Robin and  Isobel Cheer, who have held the positions of Musical Director and Accompanist respectively for the last 10 years are hoping to spend a little more time in the camper van, along with the Cheer dogs.

The couple say!  " a tremendous amount of pleasure has been derived from being part of the entity that is Berwick Male Voice Choir. Friendships have developed, much laughter and companionship has been shared along with the pleasure brought by the music itself and yes, tears shed for those who have passed on. The Choir has been a great source of pleasure to all involved , but as with all good things, there comes a time when it is right to move on, and allow someone else to take over the baton, in both a metaphorical and real sense,"

During their time with the choir the Cheers have taken us to a totally different level of performance, to a standard no one ever thought possible.

Robin has taken great enjoyment in seeing every singer in the Choir develop and achieve, beyond anything previously imagined. This he has done through a mixture of repertoire choice, encouragement, always demanding the best and some less than subtle hints regarding the use of pencils!

Isabel has subtly contributed to this progress, at the piano doing what an accompanist should do- supporting the Musical Director and the Choir. She has though, occasionally been known to remind the boys to behave themselves, even been heard to comment " Honestly, you spend all day dealing with mischievous adolescents, then come out on a Wednesday evening and do more or less exactly the same thing."  


This success did not happen without an incredible amount of background work, not just in writing innumerable special musical arrangements, but organising concerts, designing and printing publicity material and generally living and breathing our choir every day. We owe Robin and Isobel a huge debt of gratitude and we wish them all the very best for the future.


Latest News March 2018


This our first news item and this is just a sample of what we will be doing in the future